Speaks Out Is A Global Movement That Exists For One Reason: Ending The Silence Around Mental Health.

Who We Are

Speaks Out is made up of global brands, health systems, influencers, and people like you who believe mental health should be the next global crisis we solve.

Our strategy is connecting Our message to your brand, Then reaching your audience And millions more.

Our job is to create a critical mass of partnerships and activity. It’s about creating a sustainable movement, not a campaign, fad, or stunt. And that requires something bigger than a bracelet or catchphrase. It’s much closer to Civil Rights and Women’s Right to Vote. 

Because mental health isn’t a cause. It’s a human crisis. 


Become A Brand Partner

A  scaleable global strategy

We are not a charity. Or a cause. We’re the strategy that the mental health crisis has been waiting for—ending the silence.

A collaborative alliance

Our model is partnering with leading brands, influencers, and industries—people who are heard when they speak out.

A cultural movement

Speaks Out is bigger than us. It’s built for the world to start talking, take bold action, and run with it themselves.

Problem We're Solving ...

Human Toll

800,000 People Die From Mental Illness Every Year

Otherwise Known as Suicide.

Global Epidemic

1.8 Billion People Worldwide Have A Mental Health Issue

Next Generation

Suicide Is The 2nd Leading Cause Of Death Among Teens

Let’s make one thing clear.
Mental health is not a cause.

It's A Human Crisis

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5-Year Outcomes

Raise our numbers

Increase Percentage Of People Seeking And Receiving Treatment

From 20% to 50%.

Cut in half

Reduce Worldwide Suicide By 50%

Increase global funding

Increase Global Government Spending On Mental Health Treatment,

prevention, programs, and services from 1% to 25%

There's A Mountain To Be Moved.

Without an audacious, culture-shifting strategy, nothing will change.


100 year vision

A world where no one dies
as the result of untreated mental illness
either by their own doing or someone else’s.


Take Action

We don’t care how you Speak Out

Be Bold. Be Sad. Be Melancholy. Be Angry. Just Don't Be Quiet.