We will invest wisely with the goal of ENDING THE CRISIS IN THREE WAYS.

1. Global campaign

We began with an audacious goal: do whatever it takes. And that’s exactly how we’re combating the crisis of our age. As a global campaign this is bigger than marketing tactics. We’re building a mental health movement. Like the civil rights movement and equal rights for women, we’re challenging norms and changing culture. A mission this bold requires a singular strategy and a clear focus on key audiences, from corporations and schools to branches of the military to influencers and professional sports. We’re also busy behind the scenes, challenging legislation and revamping how the world connects to healthcare. This is what it’s going to take. And every dollar you provide brings us closer to our vision: a world where no one dies as a result of depression, anxiety, or mental illness.

2. School communities

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teens. Ahead of drinking and driving. Ahead of cancer. It’s the reason we’re meeting students where they are: in schools and on college campuses across America. Education is central to the Speaks Out strategy. Working in partnership with the JED Foundation, we’re equipping schools with programs designed to educate, promote community, and change how students talk about mental health. Our young desperately need an outlet for the pain and anxiety that, up until now, they’ve been forced to shoulder alone in silence. Your investment makes these essential programs possible.

3. Digital communities

There’s no shortage of giving around health and wellness. Yet, in comparison to heart disease and cancer, mental health has largely been ignored. Knowing that 1 in 5 suffer in any given year, the disparity in giving is inexcusable. Speaks Out is doing something about it, one digital voice at a time. Our crowd-sourced community is connecting people to vital content, resources, and most of all to each other. Operating as a single interconnected virtual neighborhood, we’re giving the world access to a world of mental health solutions. Without your contribution, people would have to rely on an outdated, ineffective mental health model. We’re not about to let that happen.