When You Speak People listen Believe and act.

You have the power to create change—scalable, sustainable change. Partner with Speaks Out and become a visible part of the movement. One that already has the backing of the NBA, the U.S. Military, Hollywood, and the fashion industry. Mental health is the crisis of our age. The world needs you to be seen and heard.

First, We Need Your Stamp of approval.

Show the world you stand with us, and our approach to ending the mental health crisis.

Second, We Need You To Drive Action.

The Speaks Out movement is designed to build off the power of those willing to speak out and to actively bring others into the fold. This means using your influence with your internal teams, customers, community, and on social media.

Our Six-Level Parnership Program.

As a visible sign that your organization is part of Speaks Out, we grant and request the following:

  1. Use of our official Speaks Out brand identity/logo on website, social media, and other channels.
  2. Access to Speaks Out Mental Health At Work (Fall 2019), an initiative that provides mental health services to employees and culminates in an annual event to drive action.
  3. A Speaks Out co-branded campaign that we can help design and implement around your brand and industry.
  4. Customizable resources to recruit six partners to join the Speaks Out movement: customers, vendors, or business alliances. Deliverables include all recruitment communication, a welcome kit, and access to a password-protected website with an on-boarding playbook and customizable assets.
  5. Brand visibility throughout the Speaks Out platform: website, social media, PR, events, and other relevant channels.
  6. Invitation for an executive-level member to join our global advisory board.

Ready to move mountains

Share some simple information and we will contact you within 24 hours.