Break the Silence by sharing your #MyPostTruth.

This is a chance to set the record straight. To make mental health personal.
Starting with how we portray ourselves on social.

Students speak out on mental health

See their challenge, then begin your own conversation on social. The world needs to hear your voice.

Watch Video

Here’s how:


Go back into your social media feed.



Find that one post—the one that painted a picture but didn’t tell the real story.


Repost it, but this time say what was really happening in your mind.

To Share a Previous Post…


Choose a post you want to share.
Click ‘share link’.


Find the original Tweet.
Click ‘retweet’.


Screenshot your previous post.
Upload the screenshot.

iPhone Screenshot: Press the power and home button at the same time
Android Screenshot: Press the power and volume down button at the same time.

Speak your truth and break the silence.
And don’t forget to hashtag #MyPostTruth.
Here are some examples…